Written by Andy Fuhrman © Copyright August 2, 2017. All Rights Reserved
Well I received a call earlier today
From the president of the USA
Saying he’s digging the music that I play
He says it’s got some rock and it’s got some roll
It’s got some country and a whole lot of soul
And he’d like me to do a show for him and his pals today
I got a call from 45 today
He says I’m sorry boys
The White House’s a dump
Not fitting for anyone named Trump
I’d like to have you play at my pad down in Palm Beach
Say’s he’s his old buddy Putin will be coming
And wants to hear the tunes I’m strumming
Can I be here ‘bout 8 o’clock tonight?
Tells me he’s sending over his private jet
To take me to where he’s at
And there’ll be all sorts of treats on the flight for me
Well that last part sounded mighty good
And it didn’t take long to figure if I would
So I thanked him and this is what I said
I says 45, you make me sick
You’re egocentric, racist who thinks he slick
You and your pals are bringing our country down
Your brain is like a cesspool there’s no doubt
You never give a thought of what comes out of your mouth
And you and your pals are taking our country down
Your life has been filled with greed, corruption and graft
You scammed your way out of the Vietnam draft
The great negotiator is nothing more than a con artist from Queens
As I hung up I told him he can kiss my ass
Then I rolled a fatty of some homegrown grass
Picked up my guitar and strummed a patriotic tune
From a neighbor who lived down the block on Mermaid Avenue
This land is your land
This land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters
Don’t let Trump take it from you and me  
Often times I’ve had a dream
All the world’s men and women were equal and free
And old politicians sending young folks off to war was history
But for now all I can do - is sing old Woody’s tune
So let’s all sing it together as it comes around --> CHORUS